Vue 11.
Explore various techniques with Vue Master Nicholas Pellegrino. Tornado Lessons: Learn to use Vue's Spectral Cloud Modulation to create an animated customizable tornado controlled dynamically with material and object graphs. Darken clouds and scene atmospherics with advanced volumetric lighting. Normal Mapping Lessons: Create and manage normal maps on Vue's native rock objects. Techniques also apply to baked terrains and mesh objects. Includes photoshop techniques for creating seamless texture maps. Material Technique Lessons: Create a numeric light direction input node compatible with all material outputs; similar to the incident light angle input node, but is compatible with more than highlight outputs; allows you to create a completely custom material shader dependent on the ray angle when it hits the object's normal. Setup camera projected texture maps and force the use of the openGL texture display. Misc Techniques: Properly align material altitudes on procedural terrains, properly convert procedural terrains to standard terrains (allowing more control over erosion effects), force procedural terrain Z scale to correct values. Learn to customize all default materials and channel displays. Create a 3x3 grid display for the camera viewport. Compatible training for Vue 10 & 10.5 xStream, Infinite, Complete, Studio, and Esprit Includes examples scene files and content for Vue 10 and higher.Topics Vertical instance placement while using spline rotation. Adding rows of animated wind turbines to a terrain with splines. Wind turbine object part animation setup. Volumetric instance stacking. Using ecosystem stacking to create foliage on leafless trees and limit visible instances to tree branches. EcoSystem layer stacking techniques. Using color reversal with the EcoSystem Painter. Creating various procedural terrains with the Terrain Fractal v2. Distributing materials with Terrain Fractal v2 outputs. Designing materials with the Terrain Color Patterns node. Changing the vector scale of the Terrain Color Patterns node. Using and customizing VOB object generators for plants and rocks. Scene unit scale impact on instance scale. Changes to rock object pivot points while populating. Getting the most out of the Rock Convexity input node. Distributing animated texture sequences across surface normals. Hanging vine stacked EcoSystems. Colorizing vegetation with Terrain Color Patterns. Vue 10.5 introduces some exciting new features to the Vue community; with What's New in Vue 10.5, you will learn to harness the full power of Vue and unlock your artistic potential. This product includes a variety of project based training lessons and technical overviews of Vue 10.5's new features. In addition to the training videos, this training product also includes a host of 3D content to aid in the learning process. (270 MB included content files) Chapter List General Camera Management & Navigation 5:47 EcoSystems EcoSystem Stacking 28:41 Volumetric EcoSystem Stacking 13:53 Painter 5:56 VOB Object Generation 14:51 Rock Populations 8:27 Instance Scale 9:33 Terrains Terrain Fractal v2 33:48 Materials & Functions Rock Convexity Input Node 15:42 Terrain Color Patterns 11:44 Multi-Image Sampler 18:33 Spline | Editing & Creation Splines Tangents 7:08 Spline Re-sample and Roll 5:43 Spline | EcoSystem Effect Instance Alignment to Splines 29:47 Are you interested in increasing your familiarity with Vue? Get up and running fast with the Vue 10 Crash Course from asileFX. Over 6 hours of training and technical insight from Vue master, Nicholas Pellegrino. Compatible training for Vue 10 xStream, Infinite, Complete, Studio, and Esprit Includes examples scene files and content for Vue 10 and higher. Explore techniques for terrain design, EcoSystem Generation, plant customization, atmospherics, and scene creation workflow. Learn about UI: commands, workflow, panels, editors; EcoSystem: Layers, Painting, and Population; Object: Mesh Options, Transformations, Species, and Generators; Camera: Navigation, Advanced Features, and Management; Vue Units and Natural Element Scale; Terrain: object types, editors, painting, and sculpting; Customizing and Rendering Vegetation; Procedural Terrain Functions: design techniques, editing, rocky mountain fractals, terrain fractals, and graph dependent materials; Material; editing, layering, painting, and mixing; Atmospheric: lighting customization, cloud layers, and the atmosphere editor; Scene Creation: workflow, file size management, structure, and more...

Vue Training Release (Getting Started with Vue 9 - Volume 2 - Lighting & Atmospherics)

The second volume of the Getting Started with Vue 9 training series, Lighting & Atmospherics.
No previous knowledge of Vue required. Includes project files.

In this training volume, instructor, Nicholas Pellegrino, will teach you to customize atmospheres to fit your creative and design needs. Learn to modify and create your own custom atmospheres and infinite terrains. Explore the relations between infinite terrains, sea level, and atmospherics. Learn to create an improved "Randomization Seed" node and add more variations to infinite terrain functions. Learn about volumetric lighting and shadow control. Create lighting setups and reduce render times with "relighting." Understand clouds layers and how to control them. Learn about atmospheric density in relation to scene units and spherical scenes. Break apart vectors, limit node outputs, create custom vectors, publish parameters from the function editor into the terrain editor. Create and control numerous atmospheres, edit functions, create MetaNodes, reduce render times, and more...

Vue Training Release (Getting Started with Vue 9 - Volume 1 - Forest Creation)

The first volume in the Getting Started with Vue 9 training series, Forest Creation is a project based introduction to Vue 9 Infinite / xStream. No previous knowledge of Vue required.

In this volume you will learn to:
Customize vegetation, create new solidgrowth species, edit terrains, control material layers, create ecosystems, control global gamma, customize render settings, edit functions, and setup multiple lighting situations for your forest.

Vue Training Release (Advanced Function Design - Sci-Fi City Generation )
In this training instructor Nicholas Pellegrino will teach you to create complex procedural functions for generating science fiction style cities using procedural terrains & materials. Learn to modify altitude productions and create single building generators. Optimize scenes and dramatically reduce render times with several baking techniques. Explore scene lighting techniques and material controlled lights.

Users of Vue 7 and higher will learn to create helpful MetaNodes and dependent function controllers. Nearly 8 hours of training, plus, all project scene files included. (Vue 8.4 or higher required for scene files and MetaNodes.)

Suitable for Vue xStream / Infinite version 5, 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5 and up.

Cinema 4D Training Release (City Creation Volume 2 )
City Creation Volume Two covers tons of techniques for generating buildings, layouts, roads, textures, and entire cities in cinema 4d. Learn to use mograph objects, effectors, and shaders to customize an entire city.

City Creation Volume 2 focuses on the creation of a modern city in seven parts, with additional generation and texturing techniques covered in two additional parts.

archiTextures Collection Released
Five new seamless texture collections! Available as a bundle with a bonus collection, or as 4 individual volumes.
Volume 1 - Buildings, Elements, & Panels
Volume 2 - Windows & Doors
Volume 3 - Concrete & Wall Surfaces
Volume 4 - Brick, Metal, Rust, & Stone. Sci-Fi Hulls Seamless Textures Re-released
Sci-Fi Hulls is the ultimate texture collection for space ships, space stations, mechanical workings, and science fiction cities. Vue 8 Tips n Tricks Training
Projects, Tips, Techniques, and Tools for Vue 7 & 8.
Vue 8 Courseware Bundle Available
Over 28 hours of Vue 8 training and techniques. Vue SolidGrowth Groundcover Collection Updated
Updated for improved compatibility with xStream in host applications (correcting the image read error of png files for proxy material alphas, also improving render quality and flicker reduction). Current users can re-download the product from their asileFX accounts to receive the update.
If your download has expired, please contact asileFX for a link reset.

Cinema 4D R11.5 Training Bundle available
Natural Environments & Plant Creation Volume 1 and 2.

LightWave 3D 9 & Vue 8 xStream - Integration Workflow & Techniques

In this training instructor Nicholas Pellegrino will teach you the ins and outs of Vue xStream scene creation in LightWave 3D 9.
Suitable for Vue xStream version 7, 7.5, 8, & 8.5 users.

Learn techniques, creation workflow, time savers, limitations, workarounds, solutions, general integration, and the technical aspects that power the xStream plug-in.

Click here to find out more...

New Texture Collection | Bump & Normal Carvings

Inlay beautiful designs into your 3D models with asileFX | Bump & Normal Carvings.

304 patterns and designs, 1262 images in all. Includes bump and normal map primary textures, along with aged diffusion and detail maps. Textures can also be used as material alphas for outstanding looking surfaces.

Cinema 4D Mograph 2 Training

The first two volumes of the Natural Environments & Plant Creation series have been released. Learn to create complex environments and objects in Cinema 4D R11.5 with MoGraph 2.

Volume 1 :
Foliage Generators & Modeling Techniques Volume 2 :
Forest Creation & Animated Growth NEW! Ecosystem Design & Control Techniques $49

Understand how to design and animate ecosystems in Vue 8 & 7.5 using advanced functions and graphs. Learn to create real-world forest-growth along with precisely controlled distributions. Discover how you can manage your scenes more efficiently and setup LOD ecosystem zones.
Instant Download or DVDNEW! Spectral Atmospherics & Cloud Creation Techniques $40

Learn about atmospheric lighting and cloud creation in Vue Infinite / xStream. Training suitable for Vue version 7 and up, also a training solution for Ozone 4. Training presented in Vue 8 xStream (standalone).
Includes more than 80 scene files!
Instant Download or DVD

First volume of the City Creation series released!
The City Creation series is a step by step project training series teaching the techniques and workflow needed to create towns and large scale city scenes. Throughout the series you will learn hundreds of techniques covered in several applications. As the series grows, so will the amount of applications covered. Learn to perform similar tasks between applications, thus, removing integration barriers, expanding application features, providing alternative methods if one fails, and allow users to create the project scenes, even if access to a covered application is not readily available.

City Creation - Volume 1
Building Textures, UV Mapping, and Modeling

Learn to create amazing looking buildings with a small amount of polygons, using realistic materials and shaders created from texture maps (Color, Normal, Diffuse, Bump, and Displacement). For game design, Pre-viz for object replacement, or instancing over large areas.

Volume one is over 5 hours in length, with 3 hours and 26 minutes dedicated to training in Photoshop, and 1 hour and 48 minutes in Cinema 4D.

Vue 5 Training is back
All asileFX Vue 5 training is once again available for purchase on the asileFX site.

Vue 8 Terrain Workshop Released

Vue 8 Terrain Workshop $79
Understanding Terrains - Reset Operations & Terrain Anatomy - Zones & Procedural Sculpting - Sculpting & Displacement Mapping - Rivers - Erosion - Procedural Layering - Fractal Distributions (custom and mixed strata)

Includes dozens of scene files, filters, textures, tools, and the Terrain Workshop Reference Guide.
DVD or Instant Download

Free Vue 7 & 8 Training

Vue7 and 8

Dynamic Graph Training [ Camera Auto Focal ]
Run Time: 24 minutes
(Requires Flash 9+)

Design a metanode controlling the camera's focal length based on the camera's pitch orientation.

Click here to download the MetaNode, includes versions for Vue 7 and Vue 8.

xStream Cinema 4D Integration Training Updated

Integration training now includes an additional 30 minutes of training for Vue 8 xstream users. The Vue 8 xStream Integration Workflow lesson is originally part of What's New in Vue 8. If you currently own What's New in Vue 8, you will not need to download the update.

Please feel free to contact us if you need your download count updated, or if you purchased the DVD version of this training, we can add the download to your account.

asileFX snowFlaKe | the MetaNode Collection updated to v2.1

New tools for Vue 8 plus updated / upgraded tools. Free update for 2.0 users, see release notes for details.

New tools include:
Normal Map Direction (Vue 8)
Dual Axis Constraint (Vue 8)
On - Off (Vue 8)
Distance Controller (Vue 8)
Top n Bottom (Vue 7 and 8 versions)
Create Random Vector (Vue 8)
NGCC - Numeric Graph Compatibility Correction (Vue 8)

Updates to:
Camera Orbiter (Vue 7 and 8)
Terrain Previewer Camera Controller (Vue 8)
3x3 Vector Lock (Vue 8)

Vue 8 Training Released!1500 alpha brushes The Leaves Collection v2

Tropical Plant Collection

37 Amazing tropical plants for Vue. September 13th 2009

Vue Plants, Vue Training, Vue 5, Vue 6, Vue 7, Vue 8, Infinite, xStream, Training, Textures, Content, Tools, MetaNodes, nodes, shaders, materials, ecosystems, 3ds, 3ds max, xsi, c4d, cinema 4D, lightwave 3d, lw, materials, solidgrowth. Matte Painting and Compositing Series 7 hours 53 minutes of training and lecture. Vue 7 Content Collection Release - Groundcover 50 High-Resolution SolidGrowth Plant Species. Includes ecosystem optimized versions of every plant, 100 plants in all. Shrubs - SolidGrowth species for Vue 7 + 20 shrubs, with high-res leaf and bark materials. May be used as an offering to knights demanding shrubberies!Vue 7 Content Collection Release - Coral Reef Collection Includes SolidGrowth Coral Species, Objects, Materials, Underwater Atmospheres, and the EdgeLum metanode. Matte Painting and Compositing Series 7 hours 53 minutes of training and lecture. asileFX realeases the first training product in the Vue 7 series.Terrain and Rock Seamless Textures, has been released. Available as download or DVD.What's New in Vue 7 Infinite xStream, now available on DVD.57 Spectral version 2 cloud layers. All clouds layers are real world scale, as they would appear in the troposphere. This low altitude collection features clouds from 0 - 2 km altitude, plus bonus clouds appearing at 2 - 6 km. Includes two file versions of every layer, From Below and From Above, and a matching set of 400 x 400 pixel images to help you select the clouds needed for your scenes. In the description of every cloud layer file you will find information about the Altitude, Height, and Density of the layer. Includes a PDF guide, reference documents, and images. The first volume of the Advanced Production Techniques series has been released. Dynamic Function Control and Animation. On sale now for $30 USD. The next volume, is in production and will be released shortly. The name is not yet finalized. The training will cover how to prepare for dynamically populated ecosystems, minimize tweaking, and the best way to approach ecosystem creation to maintain control. The free page will be showing up on the asilefx site shortly. It will include content, tools, and a host of other useful things as it grows. The first resource, to be posted within the next 24 hours, is a vegetation data chart. It will contain some very helpful information to aid in the creation of vegetation based ecosystems. The chart focuses on variation and size for each species, but also includes information like the amount of material sub-sets it has, and the default wind and breeze settings. Basically this will eliminate the need to guess the size of an ecosystem instance, allow you to make quick comparisons between species. Further development is also planed for this reference. The second volume of the Advanced Production Techniques series for Vue 7 has been released. Optimization and Dynamic Population. Over 5 hours of training. On sale now for $44 USD (Download). Video examples have also been added to the product page for volume one - Dynamic Function Control and Animation.6 New bundles have been added to the site. These bundles are for Vue Training, Content, and Tools, in different combinations of the three. They are also part of the Spring Sale!They're back! The Vue 6 Tips n' Tricks series is once again available for purchase by lesson. Excerpts are currently being added to the site, and all nine will be available shortly. Now in Flash 10 format!All asileFX trees and plants are now available for individual purchase, and can be found here.The Vue 7 Advanced Production Techniques Series is now available on DVD. This series currently includes, Dynamic Function Control and Animation & Optimization and Dynamic Population. Also available as a bundle.Users with openGL refresh issues, or dynamic update problems at render time, when using the controller node; can make the following changes to fix most issues. Click here to watch the video. 2 Nodes from this collection have been updated to version 1.1. Current owners may download the product from their accounts for the current version.In an effort to make this site easier to use an navigate, the design has been updated and areas of the site reorganized. More improvements and products coming soon!The second volume of the Texture Creation for 3D series has been released. Click here to view.For Photoshop CS3 and up. (Recorded in CS4 Extended) Jungle and Rainforest Collection Over 100 SolidGrowth Species. Vue 7 xStream Cinema 4D INTEGRATION 276 minutes of in-depth integration training, instructed by Nick Pellegrino. Download or DVD available. Click here to view product page.archiTextures - Doors The first archiTextures collection has been released, Doors! archiTextures is part of the asileFX Texture Collection v2.0 revision. At the end of 2008 all asileFX texture collections were discontinued, to prepare for the new releases. Unfortunately it has taken more time than originally planned to remake, reorganize, and improve these products. Rather than releasing all textures in a single collection, they are being organized into appropriate categories, like Doors. Previous collections were called Random Textures, and not very specific. These smaller collections are more budget friendly, allowing purchases of specific types of materials. The total cost per unique material has also been significantly decreased, around a 40% cost reduction. All textures have been remade. The collections also feature several new and unique materials. All bump maps have been re-crafted, and in addition, the collection includes Alpha, Diffuse/Specular, and Tangent Normal maps. Image maps are now saved in the lossless compression TIFF format, however, the color and normal maps are uncompressed tiff files.Currently there is no projected date for future collection releases.Groundcover Collection 50 High-Resolution SolidGrowth Plant Species.Includes ecosystem optimized versions of every plant, 100 plants in all. All image maps were created from unique source photographs and scans, providing as much realism as possible. All vegetation material channels include Color, Bump, and Transparency image maps. 36 primary plants include Highlight/Specular image maps. All image maps are .png files incorporated into the .veg files, these maps can be extracted and applied to any material or saved for usage in other applications.Image Bit-Depths:[Color 8-bit RGB] [Bump, Transparency, and Highlight are 16-bit Grayscale]